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School Boards

folders on a tableOESC has developed many resources to support school boards. These include training modules, template policies, sample guidelines, resources for trustees on governance and special tools such as the Trustee Determination and Distribution Calculator. OESC will continue to expand its resources to help school boards implement legislation, policies and guidelines impacting the education sector.

Governance Resources

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OESC has developed a suite of resources to support boards of trustees in their governance role. Our Centre for Governance Excellence offers trustees a program for professional development along with guides and supports that promote effective governance and leadership in Ontario public education.

Strategic Risk Management is a core component of school board governance in Ontario. School boards have always considered risk province-wide.
The nature and speed of uncertainty has changed however in the past years particularly and stronger risk managing skills can help boards stay better focused on their strategic plan amid continuing changing landscape of uncertainty.

The Strategic Risk Management Framework was developed with input from 26 directors, audit committee members and school board leaders across Ontario to serve as guidance on how to begin to build strength from a boards current risk management approach. It is founded in the international standard for risk management – ISO 31000(2018) and contains a variety of practical examples and tools to help strengthen the way risk – and opportunity – is consistently understood, prioritized and addressed.


compassTrustee Determination & Distribution Calculator

Prior to each municipal and school board election, the board of trustees of each district school board must distribute the positions of the members to be elected across the board’s area of jurisdiction. The steps are set out in O. Reg. 412/00 and the process is referred to as trustee determination and distribution. This calculator is provided to assist school boards with the determination and distribution of their elected trustee positions. Visit the calculator here.

Training Modules

Emotion emoticonsTrustee Professional Development Program
While in office, trustees balance varied responsibilities including setting the board’s strategic direction, establishing board policies, allocating resources, engaging with their constituents and holding the system accountable through the director of education. This program’s aim is to offer trustees a substantive overview of the areas that are essential to their governance role. Visit our program here.

The TeachAble Project
Schools lead the way in character education, equity and inclusion, and safe environments which are important supports for student achievement. Accessibility is a vital part of this student success continuum. OESC is pleased to offer accessibility training for classroom staff and provide ongoing support to the world of Accessibility Awareness. Visit The TeachAble Project here.

Accessibility for Ontarians
To assist school boards with implementing the various regulatory requirements under the AODA, OESC  partnered with four Ontario school board associations, the Accessibility Directorate of Ontario and the Ontario Student Trustees’ Association to develop these video resources and training modules. Visit the resources here.