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To begin, inter​​​ested school boards are invited to contact OESC for a preliminary conversation around their strategic planning needs. OESC will in turn work with the board to select an appropriate facilitator based on the board's needs and the facilitator's areas of expertise, experience and availability. 

Once a facilitator has been agreed to, the board and OESC will enter into an agreement to deliver the professional learning sessions. This will begin with a needs assessment (conducted via telephone) where the facilitator, the school board (e.g. Chair, Director) and OESC's program evaluator will assess, in detail, the board's specific requirements and goals. The facilitator will then develop and deliver customised professional learning at the board. 

Facilitators will invoice school boards directly for professional services delivered and travel related expenses. In turn, OESC is pleased to reimburse each board up to $850 per day (to a maximum of 4 days) for facilitator fees. OESC will also reimburse each board for a portion of facilitator travel expenses. 

In terms of a board's time commitment, facilitated sessions can be organized for a duration that suits the board's needs and schedule – for example an evening session, a weekend retreat or a series of sessions over time. In additional to the sessions, the board chair and director should commit to partaking in the needs assessment phone call and then completing brief follow-up interview(s) after the sessions are complete. Session attendees will also be asked to complete a survey before and after the learning. This will be essential to the successful evaluation of the project and to ensure the program is working to fulfill the board's needs.

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