Curt Hammond

​Curt Hammond

Curt is the Chief Listening Officer at Pearl Street Communications, a boutique marketing and training company based in Elora, Ontario. Over the past 15 years Pearl Street has worked in the education, business, energy, health care, and community sectors delivering creative and impactful communication and engagement projects. Pearl Street's mission is to tell the stories of passionate organizations through marketing and communications. 

Strong facilitation is one of Curt's passions. He has facilitated thousands of meetings including intimate key-stakeholder conversations for three, right up to multiple day staff retreats for hundreds. He is experienced in age-appropriate facilitation that embraces various educational and kinetic needs. He has worked with both supportive and hostile groups and has the skills and experiences to ensure that, no matter the crowd, he keeps meetings running smoothly and as planned. Regardless of the topic of discussion, Curt's meetings always have engaging agendas, clear goals and opportunity for inclusive conversation. 

Helping groups make decisions and establish clarity is one of Curt's greatest professional rewards. He has the ability to create meeting spaces of open, honest, fun and purposeful conversations, which he knows are powerful tools to help move organizations and communities forward. Curt is a big fan of courageous conversations and believes they are key to helping organizations identify issues and develop solutions. He doesn't like to sit for long and doesn't ask clients to do so either. Creativity, consensus and decision-making flow more naturally and deliver better results when meetings involve a mix of individual, small and large group work. 

Pearl Street has worked with many educational organizations including Wellington Catholic DSB, who they have been supporting for over three years. During that time, they have engaged with their students, staff and administration finding creative and mission driven ways to tell the board's story to the Guelph/Wellington community. Pearl Street has also worked with several independent schools, Waterloo Catholic DSB, Halton DSB, the Regional Internal Auditors and OASBO.

Areas of specialization for board professional learning: Developing and Reviewing Mission, Vision and Values Statements; Stakeholder and Community Engagement; Setting Strategic Priorities and Goals.




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