Catherine Foy

Catherine Foy​​

Catherine Foy is a retired Superintendent of Education from the Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board, with more than 30 years of experience in public education and public service.  Her experience with Strategic Planning processes, implementation and reporting spans nearly a decade. As Superintendent of Education, Catherine has been involved in, or played a leadership role in, school board budgeting, human resources, equity and diversity, safe schools, instructional technology, staffing, recruitment and selection of principals and vice-principals, leadership development and working with indigenous populations.  Her relationships with trustees were positive and effective. During her tenure with the Leadership Development and School Board Governance Branch, Catherine was directly involved in revisions to the Good Governance Guide as well as the online learning modules. She was also a lead writer of the Supervisory Officer Performance Appraisal process. Additionally, Catherine acted as a field resource for the new Strategic Planning Guide. A skilled speaker, listener and facilitator Catherine will bring her considerable experience and interpersonal skills to support school board strategic planning efforts. 

Areas of specialization for board professional learning: Strategic Thinking; Developing and Reviewing Mission, Vision and Values Statements; Stakeholder and Community Engagement; Setting Strategic Priorities and Goals; Living the MYSP: Alignment and Implementation





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