Louis Desrosiers

Louis Desrosiers​​

Louis Desrosiers is a bilingual management consultant and facilitator with over 25 years of experience working with public, private and not-for-profit organizations. His core competencies include strategic and business planning, performance management and measurement systems, program risk assessment, management and operational reviews, and program evaluation. He has been involved in a variety of sectors such as Health, Research, Transportation, Arts and Heritage, Education, Aboriginal Affairs, Environment and Communication. 

Louis has facilitated many projects requiring the review of strategic objectives and the development of logic models, performance measurement frameworks, and reporting systems for federal programs and their funding recipients. He also carried out several mandates aiming to align and synchronize strategic plans, business plans and performance reporting processes, often involving decentralized organizations. A majority of these projects included stakeholder consultations, environmental scans and data collection. 

Louis has an impressive track record in providing expert advice, facilitating complex group discussions and building consensus among large multi-disciplinary groups. His abilities include the development of leadership capacity and employment-oriented skills training. His analytical and communication competencies are recognized for providing needs assessment support and for enabling efficient decision-making. 

After working as an independent consultant for 10 years, Louis jointed Goss Gilroy Inc. as a senior associate in 2016. He participates in the development of business consulting and training and facilitation services. Louis holds a Master degree in management from the University of Quebec in Rimouski. He is also a Certified Coach Practitioner (CCP) under the Certified Coaches Federation (CCF). 

Finally, Louis has been exposed at a young age to the primary and secondary education system as a result of his parents working in this area. Consequently, he is very familiar with the structures and systems of education, as well as the evolution of its main current issues and challenges. 

Louis is a generalist and able to offer facilitated learning on all components of the Multi-Year Strategic Planning process to French-language boards.


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