Lise Lortie

​Lise Lortie

Lise Lortie is a consultant and co-owner of Les sentiers du leadership inc. (Pathways to Leadership). Lise is a native of Eastern Ontario where she has spent most of her life. Her children and grand-children have all attended or are evolving in Ontario's French language schools. After spending 18 years at Canada Post Corporation, she worked for the Centre canadien de leadership en évaluation (Le CLÉ) from 2002 to 2009. First as chief of operations, then as director of administrative services, as a consult-ant in an organizational development (OD) and evaluation and, finally, as the director of OD services.  Lise actively participated in the transformation of Le CLÉ from a centre for leadership in education of Ontario to the Canadian Centre for Leadership in Evaluation, Le CLÉ as it is known today. 

Lise is a consultant, trainer, facilitator and coach. She has experience in designing teaching materials, training modules and effective communication systems in areas such as organizational development, governance, leadership, human resources management, monitoring and evaluation. Lise has worked with a large number of organizations and institutions at the national, provincial, territorial and regional levels. 

Over the past few years, Lise has provided training, facilitation and coaching services to Francophone school board trustees, directors of education and senior staff on topics such as effective governance, ethical leadership, strategic planning, collaborative governance, parent and community engagement, senior staff performance appraisal, policy development, implementation and monitoring. 

Lise co-facilitated the Ministry of Education's Trustee Orientation Session held in Toronto in January, 2015. In 2015, Lise developed and facilitated a broad and inclusive consultation strategy for a Northern Ontario school board (trustees, board staff, parents, school staff, and community partners). She provided training and facilitated the entire strategic planning process that lead to the development of the board's multiyear strategic plan. Lise has developed and delivered professional training sessions on the subject of collaborative governance to trustees from over 30 French-language school boards across Canada (outside of Quebec) as well as professional development sessions on collaborative and ethical leadership to the directors of education from French-language school boards across Canada (outside Quebec). 

As a member of the core group, Lise actively participated to the research and design of the Ontario's Trustee Professional Development Program for OESC. Based on leading practices in the field of governance, this program consists of a series of professional development modules that focus on developing trustee leadership skills and collective capacity. Lise is also very much engaged with the non-profit sector and provides Francophone community leaders across Canada with tailored tools, training and insight to be effective board members and managers. 

Lise is currently focused on generative processes for community building and systems change that are dialogue driven. She actively promotes systems thinking that include principles such as interconnectedness and self-organization. She uses theories and methodologies such as Theory U, Open Space Technology, Art of Hosting, Appreciative Inquiry, and Leadership Circles for breakthrough thinking, learning, decision making and collaborative action. 

Lise is a generalist and able to offer facilitated learning on all components of the Multi-Year Strategic Planning process to French-language boards. 



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