Jean-Luc Bernard

Jean-Luc Bernard​​

Jean-Luc Bernard has over 33 years of experience in education and has a Master's of Education. In April 2002, he became the Director of Education and Secretary-Treasurer for the Conseil scolaire Viamaonde. He retired as of February 1st, 2011. 

Jean-Luc has had a very productive career as a teacher, a Curriculum Consultant, Superintendent of Education responsible for schools, curriculum and Special Education and Director of Education. He had the opportunity to work for the Catholic system as well as the public system. He has also worked as an Education Officer for the Ministry of Education of Ontario. His expertise and experience in education have enable him to be a member on several provincial committees in literacy, numeracy, child care, special education, technology and post-secondary education. He also chaired many national, provincial and local committees. Furthermore, his involvement in education transpired into different community groups as a volunteer in Toronto and in Mississauga.

Since retirement, Jean-Luc worked on different portfolios for the French-Language School Boards and the Ministry of Education. He is currently acting as a mentor for new Supervisory Officers. He is also an appointed member on Ontario College of Teachers. Jean-Luc is now working as a consultant in the field of education.

Jean-Luc is pleased to deliver facilitated learning sessions for French-language boards. 

Areas of specialization for board professional learning: Strategic Thinking; Developing and Reviewing Mission, Vision and Values Statements; Setting Strategic Priorities and Goals; Living the MYSP: Alignment and Implementation








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