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Attention re Police Record Check Service

Police Record Check Services

Why Police Record Checks?     Today the standard of care required of school systems for the protection of students is higher than ever.  Ontario Regulation 521/01, as amended by Regulation 322/03, requires school boards to collect police records from all employees and from service providers who have direct and regular contact with students.  Other groups such as public health, hospitals, child and social services agencies and volunteer organizations are now recognizing the critical need for the provision of police record services to protect vulnerable persons.

Who are we?   Ontario Education Services Corporation (OESC) is a non-profit corporation jointly owned by all School Boards in Ontario. Our mission is to provide outstanding services to all Boards at a reasonable cost.

OESC's Police Record Check Services provides timely Police Record Checks for most individuals who work, teach or volunteer with vulnerable persons within the educational system, using a standard consent form signed by the individual.  OESC provides these services to school boards, service providers, faculties of education, universities and colleges and various public sector community, social, health and human services agencies, including churches and hospitals.

To ensure speedy processing of applications for Police Record Checks and OESC ID Cards, we have entered into an agreement to use an excellent web based ordering system developed by BackCheck, a Canadian company with a long history for providing record check services to many public and private sector clients. This technology is fully compliant with relevant practices, guidelines and directives.

Consent Forms, Police Record Checks and Payments will now be processed online using BackCheck’s web-based system.  An accredited and authorized Canadian Police Service contracted by BackCheck will complete the actual record checks. 

OESC will continue to adjudicate police records of individuals and issue OESC ID Cards.  Your privacy and confidentiality will continue to be protected by OESC. OESC adjudicates the police records of individuals using a comprehensive procedure which stresses fairness and protection of individual privacy.  OESC is scrupulous about protecting the privacy of individuals.  Details regarding a police record are only revealed to the individual – never to third parties. Individuals are treated with the utmost respect and sensitivity during the adjudication process.

Individuals with police records are adjudicated to the standard:  “this individual, based on his/her police record and further information obtained during the adjudication process, represents an acceptable/unacceptable risk to the safety of students or other vulnerable persons”.

Adjudication standards are maintained at the highest level.  In every circumstance sufficient information is collected to satisfy the adjudicators that the individual either does or does not represent an acceptable risk. Adjudicators are experienced senior administrators in school boards and have received specialized training in the adjudication procedures.

Individuals who meet this standard are issued a unique plastic-coated OESC Identification Card which they must carry with them and show to appropriate authorities when requested, together with a valid piece of government issued photo identification.

These OESC Identification Cards are accepted by all school boards in Ontario as proof that the individual has submitted a Police Record Check and that it has been adjudicated to the consistent standard described above.

The OESC Identification Cards are also accepted by many community, social, health and human services agencies, including hospitals and churches.

OESC Identification Cards are issued with specific issue and expiry dates.

What are the costs of OESC’s services?     OESC operates on a non-profit, break-even basis.  The costs of its services cover only the costs of obtaining the police records of individuals, maintaining a data-base, administering the process, adjudicating individual police records and issuing unique plastic-coated OESC Identification cards. Organizations find that OESC’s services are full value for money.